Student representation

The Course Rep System at LCoM exists to permit an effective and transparent dialogue between the students and the institution, working to address and resolve student problems that span curriculum, teaching, feedback and general college life.

One student is nominated to represent each pathway from each year group. Known as “Course Reps”, they are responsible for gathering opinion from their peer group about what’s not working, what needs improving, or should be changed.

Course Reps bring this information to the table at a meeting called “The Staff/Student Forum”, where Student Union brings together faculty members from all major departments, including pathway leaders and directors of the college, to hear what’s really going on. Each meeting begins with the Chair feeding back on what’s been done about the issues raised at the previous meeting, and it is then the Course Reps’ responsibility to share this with their peer group.

The Students’ Union also has a designated Student Representation Officer, whose primary concern is to ensure that this system is effectively delivering positive change, as well as looking for ways to make improvements moving forward.

Representation in LCoM Staff Meetings

LCoMSU maintains seats on various faculty committee and management groups, right through to the highest level – the LCoM Board. By doing this we ensure that the student voice is always part of the discussion, and that your interests are prioritised.

Work Experience

LCoMSU also represents the students when contacting companies about potential paid performance gigs, jobs and work experience placements. By presenting as a large body of talent to prospective employers and venues we hold a lot more sway, and maximise our chances of creating new opportunities for everyone.