There is no shortage of good quality, affordable housing in Leeds at any time of year, despite what estate agents may tell you! Last year, there were over 5000 empty bedrooms on the student housing market.

– View many properties

The chances of being shown your perfect house right away are slim, and landlords always try to first offload the houses that won’t sell themselves (i.e. the bad ones) first. Better to bide your time, and choose the best house from a selection of 5 or 6, rather than from 2 or 3. You’ll get a better feel for what constitutes value for money, and end up with a nicer place. Easy.

– Be demanding

There are some truly amazing student properties in Leeds – bedrooms big enough for 6 double beds, huge gardens, period features, round bay windows, and all that for the same price as your standard terrace. Insist that estate agents only show you their best, and kick up a big fuss if you’re taken to a dump. Say you’ll take your business elsewhere if they show you one more like that!

– Don’t get coerced into signing

Landlords will often tell you that if you don’t sign soon all the good houses will be gone, which isn’t true at all. Be careful not to get rushed into anything you aren’t 100% happy with.

– Check out your Landlord

Ask for your prospective Landlord’s details, and do a quick bit of research on them. This will help safeguard you against the local negligence brigades who are no fun at all.

Check out the results of Leeds University’s Landlord Awards 2013 for some top tips on who to rent with:




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