Although the student area of Leeds is one of the worst in the country for crime there is plenty that can be done to protect yourself and your property. Crimes affecting students seem to reflect a lack of awareness of safety, and many students are unaware of some of the schemes offered by the West Yorkshire police to help us stay safe in our time at University.

Leeds University Union runs a safety campaign called ‘Knowledge’ that works alongside Leeds City Council and the West Yorkshire Police. The aim is to make students campus aware of ways to keep safe with eye-catching information.

A laptop scheme is also available for free, to any student in the LS6 area. The quickly installed program means that if a laptop is stolen, the police can easily track down its location. Contact Carole at, for information on how to arrange an installation. Additionally, students can register all belongings with serial codes at, enabling Police to identify them if recovered.

Lack of personal insurance is an issue for many students, whether in halls or houses. Speaking from experience, students must get insurance as soon as possible, as one never knows when criminal acts will affect them. Many students as a result are unable to replace stolen property without this all important insurance.  Students should additionally look for insurance policies that cover them for personal theft away from their residence.

Although students are constantly reminded to close and lock all windows in residencies, this is still the main source of crime student’s face. Whether inside the residence or not, one should never leave an open window unattended. Criminals are constantly roaming the streets looking for any opportunity given, whether or not you are home. Students, whether intoxicated, ignorant or unaware, are the easiest targets. Locking up is essential part of staying safe in Leeds.

For more information, and regular updates on how to stay safe as a student in Leeds, visit:




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