We use a democratic elections system to choose a new Students’ Union Executive Team towards the end of each academic year. These are the people who will be speaking and acting on your behalf in the year ahead; so make your vote count!

Election periods generally run for 10 days, during which candidates are able to run public campaigns to raise awareness of their personal profiles and manifesto aims in order to rally support. Candidates are limited to a strict budget for promotional materials, and negative campaigning is considered a red card offence. Representatives are elected by student vote alone, ensuring that the Students’ Union maintains autonomy and independence. We use the Single Transferable Voting system to make sure the results are as proportionally representative as possible. You can read more about this voting system here:


Leeds College of Music Students’ Union is proud to maintain an annual voter turnout that exceeds national averages, but there’s still work to do. As much as we could argue that students have a responsibility to vote, we have a responsibility to make sure people know WHY they should. Here are just a few good reasons:

– LCoMSU represent the views of the students to the highest level of management, and can influence real, positive change to the quality of your education.
– LCoMSU organise Freshers, as well as parties, gigs and charity events throughout the year. If you don’t want them to suck, you should vote.
– LCoMSU plays a key role in researching and communicating information that you will definitely want to hear, for example details of performance/job opportunities and work experience. Vote to make sure the right people are involved to keep this channel running effectively!