Our job is to help make your experience here at LCoM the absolute best it can be, in and outside of the classroom. In order to ensure that our actions are a true reflection of what the students here are feeling, we rely heavily on your feedback – otherwise it’s all guess work!

There are a number of different ways you can voice your thoughts and opinions through the Union:

1. Send us an email!

Our all-purpose address studentunion@lcm.ac.uk reaches every member of the Student Union Executive, meaning if you’re unsure on who’s the right person to deal with your particular question or comment every base is covered!

2. Speak to your Course Rep

Each pathway in each year group has a nominated Course Rep who speaks on behalf of his/her peer group at the Staff/Student Forum – a large meeting that includes all pathway leaders as well as representatives from various college departments. This is a great place to raise awareness of issues, particularly since LCoM are required to feedback on what’s been done about it in the following meeting.

If you’re not sure who you’re course rep is, email Ste at s.anderson@lcm.ac.uk

3. Participate in our Module Feedback Weeks

Following the release of assessment marks and written feedback after Sem1 & Sem2, we spend a week gathering student opinion on quality of teaching, course content and standard of written feedback. This information is collated by the Union and distributed to the appropriate staff members alongside our perspective on the issues, and what should be done.